little things

in 2010 there were 277,740 recorded marriages and 132,223 divorces in the uk, yielding a 48% divorce rate if the two figures are directly compared. the negative emotional fallout of this statistic is immeasurable, particularly when families are separated.
the reasons for divorce are seldom as clear cut as adultery or abuse, sometimes people just mystifyingly ‘grow apart’. romantic beginnings slowly get levelled by the repetition of daily routine and small irritations are magnified over time.
the project attempts to address the small things in a relationship that might collectively serve as the seed of decline, to enable us to ‘grow together’ with our partners for life and make the world a happier place. the bathroom is chosen as the space for private personal reflection, where messages and motifs illustrating irritating behaviours encourage greater self-awareness and sensitivity. the unusual combination of rusting decay and ceramic hygiene serves as a disquieting metaphor.