cast radio

“in chaotic and uncertain situations related to natural disaster, information is important for people to understand their recent situation. for recovery, people not only needed food and shelter but also media of communication.”
mario antonius birowo, 2009

“since community radio play in localized issue, people could use the radio to communicate among themselves in order to heal their trauma, entertain and educate community members in recovery and reconstruction phases.”

“cast radio” is a promotional item for Continental Tyres and embodies/links to the brand values. temporary radio stations are set up as they are the most efficient way to communicate to the masses. Continental Radio is a promotional item which is handed out for free to everyone who is  affected by a natural disaster. it’s pre-tuned to one station.
the user receives information on:

  • disease prevention
  • where to get food
  • shelter locations
  • news updates
  • Medical services

reconnection + information = reassurance and comfort for the users

the radio is made from silicone and is injection molded. the radio is fully water resistant, shockproof and comfortable for the user. the components are completely surrounded by rubber and the aerial runs inside the neck strap. the product is made in one injection process.

marriage of Continental’s technical knowledge with a real humanitarian need:

  • media value
  • good will
  • priceless public relations
  • improved shareholder/ stakeholder value
  • caring company

cast radio by imogen hedges, verena knöbl, andrew malick, greg smith, pohsueh wu